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Check and clean your air conditioning system, and ensure that it is functioning safely and properly. A top-performing AC system is the key to an energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable home. Our Air Conditioning Clean & Check technical maintenance plan includes inspection of all controls to ensure functionality, a measure of equipment noise levels, and a record of device voltage against rated-voltage.

Best Air Conditioner Preseason Cleaning New York
Best Air Conditioner Preseason Cleaning New York

We properly lubricate high-impact items as needed, inspecting and recording refrigerant high and low pressures, and observing and documenting the overall equipment conditions. Air Conditioner NY will then clean all equipment while inspecting fan operations for balance, alignment and direction, and recording amperage against safety-standard rated amps, and inspect for any condensate in the lines, finally recording outside and inside ambient temperatures as part of a complete maintenance report.

Air conditioning systems are complex and regulated home appliances, requiring professional maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption, and for the longest period of time. Air Conditioner NY is here to do the job right, contact us today and beat the seasonal pricing.

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Annual Tune-up and Inspections

A thorough examination of system components including coils and contractors

Over time, coils may become dirt incrusted. Dirty coils cause a cooling system to work less efficiently. A unit with dirty coils uses more electricity, cools less effectively, and places undo stress on the compressor. Likewise, burned contactors compromise the efficiency of a cooling system and can cause damage to the compressor. An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system. It is much cheaper to have your coils cleaned or your contactors replaced than it is to replace a compressor.

Examination of Air Filters.

Clean air filters improve the efficiency of your system and improve the quality of air circulating through your home or place of business.

Cleaning and Treatment of condensation lines.

Clogged condensation lines and drain lines can cause water (moisture accumulated by your air conditioning system) to leak through your ceilings or walls. Our cooling inspection also includes an algaecide treatment to reduce the growth of algae and bacteria which can clog your drain lines.

Examination of electric components.

Worn electrical components can create a fire hazard or can cause your unit to unexpectedly break down.

Measurement of unit’s power usage.

Efficient power usage generally indicates that a unit is working correctly and reliably.

Best Air Conditioner Preseason Cleaning New York
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Best Air Conditioner Preseason Cleaning NYC
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